Peter Michael

Peter Michael is a native musician to the Jacksonville music scene. Getting his start in the mid-late 90’s in local pop-punk band Inspection 12, he went on to write/record/perform with Yellowcard on their Capitol Records releases. A multi-instrumentalist, Peter holds degrees in Music Business, Commercial Music, and Music Composition. More recently he has taken on the role of music director while playing bass, keys, and singing for the local Americana/Folk group Canary in the Coalmine and continues to perform and record with I-12. With a long discography spanning soundtracks, full lengths, and commissioned works, Peter has begun to focus more on singer/songwriter pieces around a piano with various chamber ensembles including string quartets, jazz combos, and other instrumental and orchestral settings.

“The Lady St. John’s” features soprano Sadie Byrd Schneider, a classical and opera performer as well as a elementary school music teacher.

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