Chasing Jonah

Florida based artist, Chasing Jonah is the Alternative Indie/Pop project and stage name for vocalist & composer, Ashley Dudukovich. Known for her haunting vocals and cinematic compositions, Chasing Jonah has also been musically compared to artists such as Florence and the Machine, Of Monsters and Men, as well as Lana Del Rey. After releasing her debut record, Prelude in 2014, Chasing Jonah began independently touring the East Coast while accumulating the necessary support to continue touring and releasing new material such as her most recent singles, “Paycheck,” “War Paint,” and “The Sentence.”

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Carl Rosen (director) is a freelance cinematographer. Carl is one of the co-founders of Perversion Magazine. Perversion Magazine is an art, literature, and culture publication based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Carl studied English at University of North Florida.